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The newest project, and the reason for the qFxGaming revival. A cross-platform, multiplayer memory card game, complete with more bells and whistles than your hippocampi have room for. Play for free against the computer, invite your friends to a casual, asynchronous game, or go head-to-head in a competitive, synchronous match. Win games, collect points, and unlock new decks and other exciting features. Will be available on iTunes, Google Play, and supported by most major browsers for Windows, Mac, and Linux. If you have any questions, comments, or even suggestions for this game, don't hesitate to contact us.

Abandoned Projects: Archive

Various projects under development and published as freeware.

Project 31 Special [BINNED]

One of qFxGaming's smaller side-projects. The idea behind "31 Special" is to bring back some great, classic games, that seem to have disappeared after Windows 3.1. We've taken the responsibility of breaking down these games and rebuilding them into a newer, sexier, Flash environment for easy online play. All 31 Special games will be hosted exclusively at Kongregate.com.

31 Special: qLotski [RELEASED]

The first of many games out of the 31 Special line. The puzzle game of Klotski, re-told with a simple UI, and a kick-ass sound track. Click here to play.
Music for game provided by Pushbar at SwishMedia

Texas Hold'Em [BINNED]

Nothing like a good game of Hold 'Em. While the project is currently under construction, the algorithms for dealing, checking hands, and determining winner(s) for N players have been created thanks to Dave's quite elegant solutions. You can run the algorithm driver here: www.cs.uml.edu/~dzimmelm/files/holdem/.

Untitled RPG [BINNED]

Playing around with some data structures in designing a classic Zelda-style RPG from scratch. Gotta love a well-implemented move order. To run the current driver, go here: files/rpg/.

Anno Domini Online [BINNED]

This was one of qFxGaming's larger projects that was put on hold due to finances, and then eventually binned as the team moved on to newer and greater things. Conceptual outlines have been archived here.